The Remodel (Kitchen)

The kitchen renovation was our biggest challenge during the remodeling process, the space was very small and awkward (our washer/dryer unit is behind the folding door on the right, see what I mean?). Expansion was simply not an option due to the structural factor of the condo and the way the original kitchen was built. We knew we wanted an open concept design with maximum storage options without overhead cabinets, after sorting out the technical details, we picked out the materials and gave the contractor a basic sketch and they went to work. Seven stressful weeks, countless home depot runs, a handful of minor hiccups later, our new kitchen was complete.   

I'm really pleased with the end result, it's the perfect size for a small family like us. Plenty of room for both of us to move around when we cook together, bottom cabinet storage frees up the top space for a wider, open feel,  the counter space is ample, we also installed some ikea shelving to easily access cups and serving bowls, the top of the fridge became a snack shelf but for now we will pretend it's just a "temporary" mess. 

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